Effective Date From Date To
Section No. of Orders (Top)
SNo.OfficeOrderIdOffice Order No.SubjectSectionEffective DateOrder By
1 85670 1027_SAD-11_PCL_17032021 Final Seniority List of Assistant Review Officer and above PostSeniority List17/03/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
2 85565 153_SAD_13012021 Provisional Seniority List of RO and uper Post in HQSeniority List13/01/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
3 65512 4397_EM02A_08122020 Final inter-se-seniority of AOs_16-17Seniority List08/12/2020MD
4 65513 4398_EM02A_08122020 Final inter-se-seniority of AOs_17-18Seniority List08/12/2020MD
5 65514 4399_EM02A_08122020 Final inter-se-seniority of AOs_18-19Seniority List08/12/2020MD
6 65463 2143_CEH_02112020 Final Seniority List of JE 2013 BatchSeniority List02/11/2020CE (Hydel) UPPCL
7 35385 685_CEH_17092020 One Time Final Seniority List Sr. EASeniority List17/09/2020CE (Hydel)
8 25378 2285_EM07_16092020 Final Inter se seniority of AEs (Civil) of Year 2015-16Seniority List16/09/2020Chairman, UPPCL
9 25377 2284_EM07_16092020 Final Inter se seniority of AEs (E&M) of Year 2012-13Seniority List16/09/2020Chairman, UPPCL
10 15356 593_CEH_22082020 Corrigendum of Final Seniority List of TG-IISeniority List22/08/2020CE (Hydel)
11 15305 2602_EM02A_07082020 Tentative Seniority List_AO (Selection year 2016-17)Seniority List07/08/2020MD UPPCL
12 15306 2603_EM02A_07082020 Tentative Seniority List_AO (Selection year 2017-18)Seniority List07/08/2020MD UPPCL
13 15307 2604_EM02A_07-08-2020 Tentative Seniority List_AO (Selection year 2018-19)Seniority List07/08/2020MD UPPCL
14 15303 1851_EM07_06082020 Tentative Seniority List of AE (Civil) of the year 2015-16Seniority List06/08/2020Chairman, uppcl
15 15301 1850_EM07_06082020 Tentative Seniority List of AE (E&M) of the year 2012-13Seniority List06/08/2020Chairman, uppcl
16 5250 413_CEH_26062020 Extension for submission of representation till 10.07.2020 for seniority of TG-IISeniority List26/06/2020CE (Hydel)
17 5150 686_EM07_13032020 Regarding seniority of Sri AzatsatruSeniority List13/03/2020MD, UPPCL
18 5128 442_GCAO6_29022020 Final Seniority List of Account Cadre (AO,AAO,Accountant,Assistant Accountant)Seniority List29/02/2020DGM (AA)
19 5126 634_SAD-11_PCL_22022020 Final Seniority List of PS Cadre HQSeniority List22/02/2020MD UPPCL
20 5114 328_CGAO6_18022020 Tentative Seniority List of Account Cadre (AO,AAO,Accountant,Assistant Accountant)Seniority List18/02/2020DGM (AA)
21 5071 124_GCAO6_21012020 Seniority List of Account Cadre Officer/EmployeesSeniority List21/01/2020DGM (AA)
22 5036 1504_E-5_CEH_26122019 Regarding One-Time seniority list of Administrative Officers (Office Superintendent – Special Category)Seniority List26/12/2019CE (Hydel) UPPCL
23 4968 4678_SAD_11_PCL_07112019 Final Seniority list of Computer AssistantSeniority List07/11/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
24 4935 1236_E_5_17102019 One Time Tentative Seniorty List Of Admin. Officer/OS-IstSeniority List17/10/2019CE(Hydel)
25 4945 4327_SAD-11_PCL_16102019 Tentative inter-se-seniority list of Computer AssistantSeniority List16/10/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
26 4925 2950_EM07_11102019 Amended Seniority of Sri Manish & Mo. SagirSeniority List11/10/2019Chairman
27 4837 336_CEH_02092019 One Time seniority list of Technical Assistant (Computer)Seniority List02/09/2019CE (Hydel)
28 4830 2275_EM07_28082019 AE (CIVIL) FINAL SENIORITY LISTSeniority List28/08/2019CHAIRMAN, UPPCL
29 4816 2510_EM07_26082019 Notice regarding seniority of Sri Manish (93062) & Mo. Sagir (93064)Seniority List26/08/2019Chairman, UPPCL
30 4785 271_Anu-06_Computer_CEH_31072019 Common temporary seniority list of Technical Assistant (Computer)Seniority List31/07/2019CE (Hydel)
31 4776 2144_EM07_29072019 AE (CIVIL) TENTATIVE SENIORITY LISTSeniority List29/07/2019CHAIRMEN (UPPCL)
32 4765 517_E-I_CEH_23072019 Final Seniority list of JE (Civil) 2014 BatchSeniority List23/07/2019CE (Hydel) UPPCL
34 4716 1715-EM02A_03072019 Tentative inter-se-senioritySeniority List04/07/2019Managing Director
35 4717 1716-EM02A_03072019 Tentative inter-se-senioritySeniority List03/07/2019Managing Director
36 4718 1717-EM02A_03072019 Tentative inter-se-senioritySeniority List03/07/2019Managing Director
37 4715 1714-EM02A_03072019 Tentative inter-se-senioritySeniority List03/07/2019Managing Director
38 4714 452_E-I_CEH_02072019 Corrigendum Order 434_E-I_CEH Date 02.07.2019Seniority List02/07/2019CE (Hydel)
39 4684 434_E-1_CEH_27062019 Tentative Seniority list of JE (Civil) 2014 BatchSeniority List27/06/2019CE (Hydel)
40 4623 693_E-2_CEH_17052019 Final Seniority List of JE 2012 BatchSeniority List17/05/2019CE (Hydel)
41 4586 402_E-2_CE(H)_29032019 Tentative Seniority List of JE 2012 BatchSeniority List29/03/2019CE (Hydel)
42 4391 4385_EM07_20112018 Notice Regarding SenioritySeniority List20/11/2018MD
43 4388 1652_Anu-02_CE(Hydel) Final Single Seniority List of Junior EngineerSeniority List16/11/2018CE(Hydel)
44 4236 768_E-5_CEH_06082018 One time final Seniority list of OA-IIISeniority List06/08/2018CE (Hydel)
45 4237 767_E-5_CEH_06082018 One time final Seniority list of OA-IISeniority List06/08/2018CE (Hydel)
46 4238 766_E-5_CEH_06082018 One time final Seniority list of OA-ISeniority List06/08/2018CE (Hydel)
47 4210 705_CEH_19072018 One Time Tentative Seniorty Of OA-III CE CadreSeniority List19/07/2018CE (Hydel)
48 4208 703_A-5_CEH_19072018 One Time Tentative Seniorty Of OA-I CE CadreSeniority List19/07/2018CE (Hydel)
49 4209 704_A-5_CEH_19072018 One Time Tentative Seniorty Of OA-II CE CadreSeniority List19/07/2018CE (Hydel)
50 3981 437-EM-07_06032018 Seniority of Sri Mahesh Upadhyay (2013001)Seniority List06/03/2018B.O.D.
51 3773 4274_EM07_28092017 Final seniority list of year 2011-12Seniority List28/09/2017Chairman
52 3747 1064_A-5_CEH_04092017 One time Final seniority list of OA-ISeniority List04/09/2017CE (Hydel)
53 3714 2660_EM07_28082017 Tentative Inter-se-seniority List of AESeniority List28/08/2017Chairman UPPCL
54 3704 945_(1)_A_5_16082017 Tentative Seniority List of Office Assistant-IISeniority List16/08/2017CE(Hydel)
55 3656 2314_EM-07/PCL/17 AE (CIVIL) TENTATIVE SENIORITY LISTSeniority List27/07/2017CHAIRMEN (UPPCL)
56 3462 1692_SAD_11_23052017 Final Seniority List of ARO & Other PostSeniority List23/05/2017Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
57 3425 408_A-5_03052017 One Time Final Seniority List of Office Superitendent (Special Category)Seniority List03/05/2017CE (Hydel)
58 3428 1360_SAD-11_03052017 Final Combined Inter-Seniority list of Review Officer & Senior Employee of PCL HQSeniority List03/05/2017Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
59 3424 224_A-5_22042017 One Time Final Seniority List of OA-IIISeniority List22/04/2017CE (Hydel)
60 3391 473/Anu-2/CEH/17 Final seniority list of JESeniority List10/04/2017Chief Engineer (Hydel)
61 3369 232_Anu_-1_CEH_03042017 Final Seniority List of Je (Civil) Batch 2012Seniority List03/04/2017CE (Hydel)
62 3370 233_Anu-1_CEH_03042017 Final Seniority List of Je (Civil) Batch 2008Seniority List03/04/2017CE (Hydel)
63 3361 445/Anu-2/CEH/17 Tentative Seniority of JESeniority List01/04/2017CE (Hydel)
64 3332 302_A-2_CEH_02032017 Final seniority list of JE(E&M) 2008 BatchSeniority List02/03/2017CE (Hydel)
65 3334 535_EM07_21022017 Final Inter se seniority of AEs (E&M)Seniority List21/02/2017Chairman
66 3329 258/Anu-2/CE(H)/17 Notice regarding Tentative Seniority of JE (E&M)_2008Seniority List20/02/2017CE(Hydel)
67 3330 256/Anu-02/CE(Hydel) Final Seniority List of Junior EngineersSeniority List18/02/2017CE(Hydel)
68 3315 68/GCAOCHH/32G/67 Dt. 13-01-2017 Cancellation of seniority list against OM No.-1860/GCAOCHH/32G/67 dt. 29-06-2016Seniority List13/01/2017DGM (Account)
69 3264 3487_SAD_11/PCL Tentative inter-se-seniority list of Assistant Review Officer & Senior EmployeeSeniority List27/12/2016Dir (PM&A)
70 3328 1882/Anu-2/CE(H)/Seniority/16 Tentative Seniority of JE (E&M)_2008Seniority List17/12/2016CE(Hydel)
71 3249 4182_EM07_15122016 Tentative Seniority List of AEs(E&M)Seniority List15/12/2016Chairman
72 3234 661-Anu-I_11112016 Wanting ACR of JE upto Year 2015-16Seniority List11/11/2016CE Hydel
73 3176 335-Anu-6/SD/Transco Temporary Seniority List of Draftsman TranscoSeniority List03/09/2016CE Hyd
74 3062 1860/GCAO6/32G/67 Final Seniority List of Asst. AccountantsSeniority List29/06/2016DGM(Accts. Admn.)
75 2997 1874_EM07_07042016 Notice regarding senioritySeniority List07/04/2016MD
76 2920 318_EM07_29012016 Tentative inter-se-seniority of AE (Civil)Seniority List29/01/2016MD
77 2918 274_EM 07_25012016 Final Inter se seniority of AEs (E&M)Seniority List25/01/2016MD
78 2900 183-EM-07 Tentative Seniority List of AEs(E&M)Seniority List14/01/2016MD UPPCL
79 2913 3490-EM-07 Final inter-se Seniority List of AEs (E&M)Seniority List30/12/2015MD UPPCL
80 2876 3365 Tentative SenioritySeniority List22/12/2015MD
81 2634 1352_EM07_160615 Confirmation of AE(E&M)Seniority List16/06/2015Dir(PM&A)
82 3061 522_EM02A_28012015 Final Inter-se-seniority of Accounts Cadre OfficersSeniority List28/01/2015Managing Director
83 2424 250_EM2A_08012015 Seniority List Officers of AccountsSeniority List08/01/2015Chairman, UPPCL
84 2376 2563_A2_CEH_151214 Fixation of Seniority list of JE(T)Seniority List15/12/2014CE(H)
85 2209 722_Anu_CEH_270814 Retirement of JESeniority List27/08/2014CE(H)
86 2049 763_EM2B_190214 Sri Paras Nath Upadhaya ID 86017Seniority List19/02/2014MD
87 1986 265_EM07_170114 Final Inter Se Seniority of AE (Civil)Seniority List17/01/2014Chairman
88 1833 3550_EM07_260813 Tentative inter-se-seniority of AE Civil cadre (Year 2001 to 2009)Seniority List26/08/2013Dy Secty
89 1594 88-EM-07/2013 Inviting representations against Seniority re-fixation of 1986 batch EngineersSeniority List17/01/2013DS-07
90 1495 1647_CEH_181012 Tentative Seniority List of JESeniority List18/10/2012CE Hyd
91 1497 1534_CEH_151012 Seniority of Sri Fasahat Ali, JESeniority List15/10/2012CE Hyd
92 1463 2184_CEH_290912 Reminder letter of Seniority of TG-IISeniority List29/09/2012CE Hyd
93 1434 TG_Varanasi_260912 List of TG_VaranasiSeniority List26/09/2012CE Hyd
94 1429 TG_Agra_260912 List Of TG_AgraSeniority List26/09/2012CE Hyd
95 1428 2152_A07_260912 Regarding Seniority List of TGSeniority List26/09/2012CE Hyd
96 1430 TG_KESCO_260912 List of TG_KESCOSeniority List26/09/2012CE Hyd
97 1431 TG_Lucknow_260912 List of TG_LucknowSeniority List26/09/2012CE Hyd
98 1432 TG_Meerut_260912 List of TG_MeerutSeniority List26/09/2012CE Hyd
99 1433 TG_Trans_260912 List of TG_TransmissionSeniority List26/09/2012CE Hyd
100 1417 1480_CEH_150912 Sri fasahat Ali JE SenioritySeniority List15/09/2012CE Hyd
101 602 796_A6_CEH_270810 Seniority List of Technical Assistant(Comp)OM796Dt 270810Seniority List27/08/2010Chief Engineer Hydel
102 288 417_GCAO_26A_190210 Seniority List Account ClerkSeniority List19/02/2010Sr. AO(Admin)
103 260 174_EM07_210110 Seniority List :1996Seniority List21/01/2010DS
104 282 519_EM_2A_200110 Seniority List CGM_GM_SrAO_AO_AAO_010708Seniority List20/01/2010DS
105 256 02_EM07_020110 Tentative Inter- se-SeneriotySeniority List02/01/2010DS
106 230 2575_EM07_161109 Seniority List : 2000Seniority List16/11/2009DS
107 231 2574_EM07_161109 Seniority List :97-98-99Seniority List16/11/2009DS
108 106 5981_2A_111109 Tentative Seniority of Accounts cadre w.e.f. 01.07.2000Seniority List11/11/2009DS(2A)
109 221 2488_EM_07_051109 AE Final Inter Seniority(010101_300602)Seniority List05/11/2009DS
110 227 1592_EM07_070808 Final Inter-Se-Seniority(1992)Seniority List07/08/2009DS
111 224 523_EM07_060309 Final Inter-Se- Seniority (1996)Seniority List06/03/2009DS
112 250 268_EM07_040308 Final Inter-Se-seniority 90-91Seniority List04/03/2008DS